Oil serves more than one function for the auto engine. First of all, it lubricates the moving parts of the engine. Secondly, it helps to keep it clean. And thirdly, it helps cool down the engine.

A great deal of friction is produced inside the engine. Oil coats the metal parts that move against each other, making a protective coating. But when there is not enough oil, metal will grind against metal. This can create intense friction heat, melting, and even breakage of key engine parts.

Without oil to cool it down, the engine can overheat. Too little oil can be a subtle, but serious problem, as the damage rapidly ensues under the hood. For this reason, it is vital to check your oil levels on a regular basis, ensuring the proper level to protect your engine.

Additionally, engine oil gets dirty over time. Dust particles, dirt, and debris can build up inside the fluid, thickening and darkening the liquid, making it less effective. Dirty, poor quality, or insufficient oil can ruin the engine head, requiring an engine rebuild or replacement.

Oil changes with quality synthetic oil are highly recommended and are a service that any Utah auto repair shop can perform. Keeping up on these oil changes every three months or three thousand miles will help prevent major engine trouble down the road.