With gas prices not showing any signs of coming down in the near future, savvy drivers are always on the lookout for ways to obtain the best mileage out of each gallon of gas. Besides staying on top of routine vehicle maintenance and practicing good driving habits, drivers can get better mileage by combining these strategies with new tire technologies, specifically by switching to low rolling resistance tires.

Low rolling resistance tires have been around for a while. Their popularity has steadily increased in the automotive marketplace because they’re known for minimizing wasted energy as a tire rolls. By decreasing the required rolling effort of the tires, vehicle fuel efficiency improves.  This ends up being good for the environment and puts more money back into your wallet.

Typically you’ll see low rolling resistance tires on hybrid models because of their fuel efficiency which is an additional selling point for these vehicles. Electric cars are also often installed with low-rolling resistance tires to maximize their mileage range. The next time that you’re in an automobile dealership, go check out the hybrid and electric cars to see these tires first hand on a new vehicle.

Tires are one of most important parts of a car. They shouldn’t be considered as an afterthought because of obvious safety implications. But when selecting your next set of tires for your new or second-hand vehicle, don’t hesitate to consider buying low rolling resistance tires.

In recent years, significant technological improvements have made for a better overall ride for cars using these tires. Handling, traction, and comfort are all improved without the tires losing their reputation for being “lean and green”. In essence, low rolling resistance tires can enhance vehicle fuel economy without sacrificing traction at a more budget-friendly price than ever before.

If you’re seriously concerned with getting the most miles per gallon out of your car, an investment in low rolling resistance tires is a wise move in that direction. In combination with other better known fuel-efficient strategies, these tires deliver outstanding performance and noticeably improved mileage between 5 to 10 percent! That’s not too shabby.

With potential gas mileage savings of up to 10 percent, no wonder low rolling resistance tires are becoming a popular upgrade for cars owned by budget-conscious drivers.