When you take your car in for a tire rotation, each tire and wheel is removed from the axel and set to be at the same position. For some tires, it may be necessary to weight them to maintain alignment. During this trip, you will also have your air pressure checked.

Tire rotations ensure that the front and rear axles of your vehicle are aligned with all 4 tires on your vehicle, so that there is even wear-and-tear on each tire. The idea is that each tire should wear down at an even rate, so that each tire can be replaced at the same time. It’s a lot easier to have a balanced vehicle, and is potentially a lot cheaper, when you are purchasing a set of 4 new tires. Tire rotation services enable that convenience.

Benefits of Tire Rotations

There are several key benefits that you get from routine tire rotations:


  • Better Handling. When each of your tires is properly weighted and balanced, then you will notice that your vehicle has considerably better handling, and won’t veer left or right without being prompted. This provides better traction and control in all elements.
  • Preserve Tire Tread. When one of your tires is out of alignment with the rest, it causes that tire to rapidly wear down its tread, and also negatively impacts the lifespan of the other tires. Because of this, it is beneficial and cost-effective, over time, to get your tires rotated.
  • Warranty. Tires can be pricey, especially when you consider how vulnerable they are when driving on the road. Because of this, it is important to preserve your warranty on new tires. Most manufacturers require routine tire rotations to keep a valid warranty.


When to Rotate Your Tires

Your tire rotation routine is dependent on what type of tires you have and what vehicle that you are driving. In general, it’s good practice to get a tire rotation every 6,000-8,000 miles. However, if you notice that your vehicle is having a hard time driving straight, or that one of your tires is wearing down faster than the rest, then you might need to schedule an early appointment to get a realignment.