It can be annoying to have to deal with windows that do not work. Sometimes the window motor makes the window open slowly, and sometimes it can stop working entirely. Utah auto repair shops can easily repair this problem, but if you have a basic knowledge of car repairs you can often fix this problem yourself.

First, find out if something is causing a malfunction. Look at the switch and see if it is dirty. This can sometimes cause it to stop working properly.

Check out the switches located on the driver’s side. Clean the dirty contact and see if that fixes the problem. If it still is not working, it could be because the motor has been worn out.

The easiest way to repair the motor without taking your car in to a Utah auto repair shop is to remove the door panel of the problem window. You may have to manually lower the window to find the bolts that are holding the regulator in place. Once the window is lowered it is usually easy to find the regulator, and remove the bolts holding it to the door.

You will need to disconnect the wiring and remove the old regulator. The old regulator will need to be replaced with a working regulator. You can normally find a regulator for your car window at a Utah auto repair shop.

Tighten the bolts holding the new regulator. Before closing everything up be sure that all the wires are in place and where they need to be. Then you can close the door panel.

Once everything is closed the power switch for the window should work again. Try the switch and see if it works. If it does not, you can take it apart and try these steps again to make sure it is done correctly.

As with anything, a car’s repair manual is an awesome tool to use for repairs. Repair manuals have specific instructions for your car and can help you know how to correctly fix it. If you have followed their instructions and it still is not working, take it in to your local Utah auto repair shop to see what is wrong.