In order to protect yourself from unscrupulous mechanics, it’s good to know a few basics about your car’s transmission. This will help you avoid getting ripped off. It will also allow you to have a somewhat intelligent conversation about the problem with your mechanic.

While there are many parts to a transmission, the key parts are the Bell Housing, gears, fluid, and filter. The Bell Housing is the part of the transmission you can see when you look under your car. You car has many gears, even if you aren’t manually shifting them. You need both main gears and planetary gears in order to drive you car.

Transmission fluid is extremely important to automatic transmissions. Most cars have red transmission fluid – so if you’re dripping red fluid you know what it is. The Filter keeps the fluid clean so your car will be able to shift at the right time. The filter catches a lot of gunk.

Transmission problems usually mean that your car won’t go at all, or won’t go smoothly. Both of these problems are caused by the same things.The following are some things to check for.

Make sure your transmission fluid level is correct; check this at least twice a year. Check for any leaks, especially at the filler tube base, at the drain hole under the transmission, between the transmission and engine, at the selector shaft and the speed sensor mounting. Transmission can leak into the radiator, and if that is the case you will see transmission fluid floating on top.

Make sure the filter isn’t clogged. If your transmission fluid filter hasn’t been changed in a while, do this before any costly rebuilding or replacements. If none of these problems fixes the problem, it’s time to head to the mechanic.

Transmission problems are not something most do-it-yourselfers can handle. Besides the know how, there are special tools and equipment you will need. Tell your mechanic what you found out during your inspection, such as any leaks you found.

When you know it’s time for professional help, Utah auto repair centers can help. Utah auto repair technicians are trained in how to do the job right. When your transmission requires serious help, contact someone at a Utah auto repair facility.