Do you ever laugh at that guy that parks his shiny new car at the furthest end of the parking lot to keep his car from getting scratched? Well, even though he has a long way to walk, he may have figured something out right, because most cars will end up getting scratched, scuffed, or dinged at some point.

For those of us who like to park as close as we can to our destination, we may need to touch up our auto paint after a shopping cart attack or a swinging door assault. Depending upon the level of damage, we can probably do it ourselves, with a little elbow grease and determination.

If you have left the damage too long, you may have already developed rust at the site of damage. It is not a good idea to paint over the rust, because it will just continue to spread under the paint. If there is rust, you need to get that treated before you can touch up your paint.

A very minor scratch can be treated a good buffing and wax or by using car scratch remover, that smoothes over the surface of the paint. You can also order a paint pen in the exact color of your car (see the manufacturer) and use it like a marker to conceal the scratch or scuff.

If, on the other hand, the damage is greater, you may need to sand down the paint to the metal, prime it, and repaint the entire area. Paint and kits can be purchased online or ordered from your local Utah auto repair center. The important thing is that you feel satisfied with the look and feel of the paint, when you’re done, and that the treated area blends in with the rest of the paint.