Brakes RepairHere are the six most common problems Utah brake repair shops face when a customer brings their vehicle in for repairs. No matter how good of a driver you are brake problems can happen. Stay safe, and pay attention to any problems in your brake system.

A major problem Utah brake repair shops face is squeaky brakes. A squeal may signify a brake problem. It may also be nothing at all and your brakes are functioning as they should. In this case, a gel can be applied to your brakes that will dampen the squeals.

Shaking felt while braking, especially in the steering wheel, is a common problem. Although it isn’t as serious as other problems, your braking performance will not be as efficient as it could be. This problem will require a bit more repair work compared to a normal brake pad change.

Another problem facing repair shops is that the ABS light is on. The car’s computer is telling you it has detected a malfunction in the ABS system and has turned it off. This could be a sensor or a computer issue. Remember that the brakes can lock up during heavy braking if your ABS isn’t on, decreasing braking performance.

A brake light that is turned on can be a problem. Do not go anywhere as this could be a serious safety issue. Check the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir. Verify the parking brake is fully released. If neither of these is the issue then it’s most likely a sensor or a leak in a brake line.

Another issue that is brought to Utah brake repair shops is a mushy brake pedal. This could be due to air in the brake system or a leak. Do not drive your vehicle; have it towed to your Utah brake repair shop.
Lastly, a hard brake pedal can be a problem. Check to make sure nothing has rolled under the brake pedal. Other causes of a hard brake pedal can include a faulty brake boost, kinked brake line, or a bad master cylinder. Have your vehicle towed in if you have a hard brake pedal.

Know your car and how it operates. If you drive it frequently enough you should be able to notice when there is an issue with your braking system. Have your car towed to a repair shop rather than drive it if you suspect a serious problem.