Owning a car and being able to drive isn’t necessarily a cheap luxury, yet it’s one of necessity for many people. Aside from actually buying a vehicle and insuring it, one of the ways that these costs add up is by having to pay for gas. Americans, on average, pay around $2,000 every year on gas, and if you need to drive more than average, you might be paying closer to $3,000. However, by taking smart steps with your vehicle, you can improve your gas mileage, potentially, by 10-15%. If your car already gets great gas mileage, or is a hybrid, then these tips won’t greatly increase your gas mileage, but every little bit helps! Indeed, these tips can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings every year! Here are some tips to get better gas mileage with your vehicle…

Drive smart

The first thing to remember is that the way in which you operate your vehicle has a lot to do with how well it is able to conserve fuel. For example, accelerating too quickly will burn more fuel than allowing your vehicle to build up momentum as it gets up to speed. Likewise, speeding takes a lot more fuel to maintain than staying around 65-70mph, due to the fact that there is increased air drag at higher speeds.

Check for proper tire pressure

One of the primary philosophies behind improving gas mileage is to reduce the resistance on your vehicle to move. Tires have a large part to play, when it comes to resistance. For example, when your tires are at a low pressure, then your engine needs to work harder for each rotation. It’s a good idea to check the tire pressure at least a few times a month to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Routinely change air filter

Every year, when you conduct annual vehicle maintenance, don’t make the mistake of not changing your air filter. A dirty and highly-used air filter will make your engine work harder to get the airflow that it needs to run efficiently. This means more fuel is being spent just so the engine can keep cool. A clean air filter has over 10% more fuel efficiency than a dirty air filter, so make it routine to change it, regularly.