Many drivers in Utah just have their local Utah auto repair center do their oil changes. But, if you have a little experience you can do your own oil changes. Maybe you’ve done them before, but you just need some helpful tips to make sure you do the job right.

One thing you should start with is warming up your engine for about 20 minutes, and then letting it cool for another 20 or so. You want to circulate the engine to get the oil and deposits to work through and settle down into the pan. Just check the temperature with your fingers on the dip stick, before you go under.

If it is too cool, the engine oil will be thick and will be harder to drain. If it is too hot, you can burn yourself, which probably isn’t something you want to do. Make sure it is warm before you go to pull the drain plug.

Next, you decide if you want to lift the vehicle or not. If you have the proper equipment and can ensure your own safety, keeping in mind that your life depends on it, it is more convenient to have a lifted vehicle for oil changes. If, on the other hand, you can get under by just laying on the ground, you might prefer the knowledge that you won’t be decapitated in the process.

A great way to ensure the best oil change and increase the longevity of your engine is to allow the oil to drain for long enough. 20-30 minutes drain time should allow all the dirtiest oil to drain out while you check your other fluids and examine belts and wires.

If you allow all the dirtiest sludge to drain from the oil pan, your oil change will not end up mixing new oil with old dirty oil. Just make sure that it has all drained out before you replace the oil. Then, finish by using quality synthetic oil, if you love your car and want it to last.