When winter comes, it brings nasty weather.  Some areas may just have a rainy season while others receive heaps of snow.  Driving through snow can be very dangerous.

Individuals need to take precautions when driving through snowy weather.  The snow can make it hard for the tire to grip the asphalt and gain traction.  There might also be ice on the road that can cause the driver to loose control of the car.

Snow tires are an excellent way to help prevent an accident during the winter months.  Snow tires are made to provide extra traction on snow that regular tires cannot provide.  Individuals can find the type of tire they need at a Utah auto repair shop.

Snow tires provide more traction through deeper grooves in the tire tread.  Because the tread is deeper and wider, it provides a larger surface area to grip the pavement or snow.  The tread can help through snow, but it is not great for ice.

Some snow tires have metal studs on the surface of the tire.  The metal studs are great for gripping because they dig into the surface or material under the tire.  Studded snow tires are great for areas that have icy roads.

When the studs come in contact with the pavement, they can create a loud humming noise inside the car.  Not all states allow the use of studded snow tires because they can ruin the pavement.  Individuals should research what their state permits before they go and buy the tires.

Snow tires can be purchased at most tire stores or dealers.  Individuals might even find snow tires at a Utah auto repair shop.  Some repair shops provide service and sell tires.

If individuals need advice on the type of snow tire to get, they can always ask a worker at a Utah auto repair shop.  Cars that have front wheel drive and may not be able to handle having winter snow tires.  This is because the car can become unstable to steer at high speeds.