As we move further into the spring months, summer plans begin to take shape. For many summer travelers, a car is the most likely mode of transportation. Roadtrips can be fun and relaxing, providing time for conversation and scenic views as the distance between point A and point B is covered. However, road trips don’t come without their risks and the level of preparation for unforeseen circumstances can make or break an entire trip. When car problems arise, you will want to make sure you have the tools necessary to keep yourself safe and moving. Here are some additional tips from your Bountiful auto care specialists at Master Muffler. 

Check Your Tires Before Leaving

Before embarking on your quest, check the pressure of your tires and give them a quick inspection. If they are showing signs of significant wear and are in need of replacement, it is highly recommended that you address such an issue before a road trip. Your tires carry a significant load and heat up due to friction on the road. If your tires are in poor condition, the stress of a long drive could very well result in a blowout. 

Make Sure You Have a Spare

In conjunction with the first tip, it is very important to carry a spare tire at all times, but especially during a road trip. Although you should make sure that your tires are in good condition before you leave, it’s hard to know when misfortune will strike. In the event of a flat or rupture, a spare will lend you the ability to change out the damaged tire and make your way to a shop. 

Brink an Empty Gas Can

No one ever thinks they will let their car run out of gas, yet it happens quite often. At times when driving long distances, there aren’t many places to stop and refuel. Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico are home to some of the longest stretches without fill-up stations causing problems for those who don’t plan ahead. If you find yourself on the side of the road with no gas, a gas can will allow you to gather fuel to take back to your vehicle. 

Bring a Basic First Aid Kit and Blanket

One of the most important things to have in your car for a road trip is a first aid kit. In the event of an accident or other mishap resulting in injury, you will be able to treat minor wounds when medical care isn’t nearby. It is also a good idea to carry a blanket as a precaution. You never know when circumstances may make it necessary for you to spend the night outside or in your vehicle. 

Know the Basics

Perhaps the most useful thing to bring with you on a road trip is a basic knowledge of auto mechanics as well as some level of emergency preparedness. Knowing how to address or identify certain automotive issues such as an overheating vehicle, flat tire, worn brake pads, among other things can make a huge difference. Drivers often let problems go unresolved for too long, bringing about wasted time, undue stress, and costly repairs.

Get a Tune-up Before You Head Out

A tune-up is like a check-up for a vehicle. Having your car tuned-up before a long road trip is an important safety measure, ensuring your vehicle is in proper working order before traveling long distances. If you are in the North Salt Lake area, come into Master Muffler Bountiful. We will make sure everything checks out before you hit the road so you and your precious cargo arrive safely at your destination.