Oil is an important part of your engine. We always have heard that oil changes are important for the health of your car. But why is it so important?

The reason is because oil is critical for the health of your engine. You have to change the oil so that it remains clean. Oil is there to lubricate the engine, cool it down, and keep it clean.

Oil needs to be changed routinely so your engine will continue to work properly. Motor oil works to protect your engine because it has so many moving parts. The oil works as a buffer to lUtah Auto Repairower the amount of friction, and heat, your engine produces.

When there is not enough oil, the protective layer it offers is no longer in effect. That means that there are a lot more moving metal parts that are going to be grinding against one another. This causes heat, melting, and breakage.

The outcome of running a car on too little oil can completely ruin your engine. It is important to check the level of oil if you don’t want to take your car in for Utah auto repairs. If you are having an issue with the oil take your car to a Utah auto repair mechanic so they can tell you what the problem is.

The other reason why it is important to routinely check the oil and change it out is because oil doesn’t stay clean. The oil in the car will eventually start to break down. You won’t protect your engine very well if you have old, thick, sticky oil instead of clean, fresh oil.

Motor oil can only be heated a few times before it starts to go bad. You don’t want old, dirty oil because it won’t provide good protection for your car engine. Dirty oil will cause similar issues that are listed above, such as melting, warping, and overheating the engine.

Getting your oil change does not take a lot of effort. It is a lot cheaper than having to take your car in for an expensive Utah auto repair to fix the entire engine. Take the time to change out your oil regularly to keep the engine working well.