Some of the most common aftermarket modifications that people make on their car have to do with increasing horsepower. There are a few ways you can go about this, but the bottom line is that you need to increase airflow in the engine, which in turn increases combustion and leads to more horsepower. There are few systems within your car where air flow can be increased. Addressing one or more of these areas will give you the added boost you’re looking for.

Spark Plugs

One of the easiest ways to increase horsepower is to increase the spark put out during ignition. A bigger spark makes bigger combustion. This utilizes more gas at a time and gives a bigger push out the engine. Installing high-performance spark plugs and higher capacity ignition coils will give you a better spark output.

Reduce Engine Drain

Reducing engine drain will also increase horsepower. All of the auxiliary systems that run off of the engine reduce the power available for horsepower. By replacing the mechanical fan, which runs off the engine, with an electrical fan, you can increase the horsepower by about 17hp. This modification has the added benefit of cooling the engine better, which will increase gas mileage and performance.

Increase Airflow

Increasing airflow to the engine can also be done by opening up the throttle body and using a air filter. Changing the air filter is an easy switch, and K&N offers a reusable filter that boasts up to a 4hp gain. Increasing the size of the throttle body and adding a flow booster, which will direct more air to it, will allow you to pick up an additional 7hp.

High-Performance Muffler

Another great way to increase horsepower is to upgrade to a higher diameter or lower restriction muffler. This will make it easier for the engine to push the exhaust out, and allow some of the air to flow back into the engine cycle. Opening up the exhaust also changes the sound, giving it that throaty rumble that everyone loves.