Everyone wants to get the best deal for their car at Utah auto repair shops. Unfortunately finding a good mechanic can be a challenge. Here are a few things to look for when searching for a great Utah auto repair mechanic.

A good mechanic will quickly identify what is wrong with the problem. If they cannot find anything wrong with it they will admit it. Mechanics who cannot find something wrong with the car and admit it will usually offer to test it out again a if you have time for them to do so. They should also tell you what things they did check, and give you a list of more than one way of testing out the car.

A good mechanic should try to test it out the car at different times of the day and do their best to figure out what the problem is. If the issue you brought the car in for is still not cropping up again they should tell you what precautions you should take if a problem does come up again.

A good mechanic should give you an upfront quote on your car repair. Depending on how many other customers are there, the mechanic should first give you a general estimate and when they have time to actually see the car they will give you the actual price quote. They should also be able to give you a receipt of this so you aren’t surprised by hidden fees later on.

A good mechanic has a warranty on the work they have done. If they just replaced the clutch in your car and it goes out on you four months later, that is something that should be under warranty. Find a mechanic that stands by their work and will quickly resolve any issues at no extra charge.
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A good mechanic has the right paperwork. Find a mechanic that is professional in their dealings. Price quotes, receipts and warranties should all be in writing.

If you are dealing with a Utah auto repair dealership find a mechanic that is an employee of the dealership, not an independent contractor. Unless you are certain the contractor is responsible and honest it can be a bit of a risk to use a contractor. Choose an employee instead because there will be less of a chance that there will be a conflict of interest there.

Read reviews about good and bad mechanics. If you notice certain Utah auto repair mechanics that have a lot of negative reviews this is a good sign that you should find someone else to go to. While no business is going to be perfect, don’t put your car at risk by taking it to a car shop that has more bad reviews than good.