Oil is important for the health of your engine. When your oil level goes low it can cause some major problems for your car. If you notice that the oil level gets low in between times you would normally change out the oil there are a few things you can do to solve the problem. Utah auto repair mechanic should be able to help you troubleshoot and find the issue at hand.

Sometimes some oil can be burned because of worn piston rings. There can also be problems with leaking oil because of cracked engine parts or a bad gasket. These types of repairs will need to be taken care of by professional repairmen.

The head gasket is there to keep all of the liquid parts separate. If the head gasket breaks then you might be losing oil through the head gasket. This means that oil is getting in to the cooling system and other parts of the engine that it is not supposed to be in.

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Leaking oil through the head gasket can be a very expensive Utah auto repair. The older the engine is, the higher chance there is that the engine will start to break down. When the car engine wears down, oil tends to start leaking more.

Sometimes oil will leak out from underneath your car. This is an obvious sign that there is an issue with an oil leak. Be sure to check out your oil if you ever notice any outright signs of leakage.

If oil is leaking you might be able to smell burning oil when you drive. The reason that the oil is burning is because the oil has leaked in to a part of the engine that it is not supposed to be in. This will cause it to burn, and eventually the parts of the engine will start to warp, melt, or break because of it.

If you notice the oil level is down in your engine and there is smoke coming out of your exhaust, this can also be a sign that oil is being burned. There can be issues with the engine’s piston rings or the valve seals. Utah auto repair mechanics will need to be called to make these types of advanced repairs.

Another sign of oil leaks is if you look at the engine’s coolant. If the coolant looks brown or foamy this is caused because the coolant and oil have leaked together. Again, take your car in to the Utah auto repair mechanic to replace the head gasket that most likely broke.