The fuel injector is a part common to all vehicles sold in the last several decades. The fuel injector is a valve responsible for delivering the gas, or other type of fuel, to be mixed with air and burned in the engine. This needs to be done with precision and timing. So, the fuel injector needs to be functioning properly.

For each cylinder in your vehicle’s engine, there is also a fuel injector. Generally, most engines are four, six, or eight cylinders. So, most vehicles will have four, six, or eight fuel injectors.

The engine control computer can actually make adjustments to the fuel injector as it reads sensors and monitors the engine function. The fuel injector is thus an intricate part of this delicate balance.

Over time, buildup can occur in the fuel injectors, mainly of varnish or poor quality fuel. This can impact the pressure, spray pattern, and even the timing of fuel injection. Without the necessary precision, the vehicle’s engine will perform less effectively causing fuel efficiency to decrease.

Using higher quality fuel, with superior detergents and additives, can help prevent buildup on the fuel injector. If, however, buildup has occurred, there are products that can be placed in the fuel tank to help clean dirty injectors.

If the fuel injectors have become too grimy, a professional cleaning service may be your only option. A Utah auto repair center can deep clean all your fuel injectors to ensure precise performance and give you the best fuel efficiency your vehicle can offer.