Any Utah auto repair center should be able to install your fog lights, but if you have some skill and feel so inclined, you can do it yourself. Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll be driving through the fog in no time.

You’ll need fog lights, safety goggles, wiring, electrical tape, a relay, a switch, fuses, mounting brackets, hardware for the brackets and lights, wire strippers, and wire nuts. If you’re replacing existing lamps, it will be easier, but these instructions are for installing original fog lamps.

Check the amp rating on the box and get a switch to match. You’ll need to mount the switch in the vehicle so that you can turn the fog lights on from inside the car. Make sure it is connected to a power source.

To do this, run a wire from a power source to one of the control terminals on the relay. Connect the switch with the other terminal. The last switch terminal needs to be connected to the negative of the power source. Make sure you place the wiring carefully, using the wire strippers to open the ends.

Now, install the bulbs using the mounting brackets. Check all your wiring for shorts and proper cover. Start the car and give the lights a test run. If you end up blowing the fuse to the selected source, replace the fuse and try another source. If it works, then wrap all the joints with electric tape for water tightness.