An exhaust leak is not only annoying and potentially smelly, it can cause buildup and damage in your exhaust system. If you have inspected your exhaust system and found the leak in the exhaust pipe itself, you may be able to repair it yourself, if you have the skill and tools. Below are some instructions on fixing a leak using aluminum sheet metal.  You can also buy a new exhaust pipe to replace the leaking one.

With your vehicle safely raised, you will need to remove the damaged area of the pipe. Begin by using a hacksaw to cut, perpendicularly, an inch on either side of the crack or hole. Remove that section of the pipe and discard it.

Cut some aluminum sheet metal, using tin snips, and bend it into the shape of the pipe. You will need to make sure that you cut it longer than the piece you removed from the pipe, in order to reach into both of the other ends and seal it properly.

You want it to fit snugly inside the two ends of the steel pipe you cut. This will be the inner sleeve. Push one end into one opening, and then slide it into the other.

You will now need to cut a larger piece of metal, forming a pipe that has a greater diameter. This will need to fit around the outside of the two steel ends that you cut with the hacksaw, overlapping them both. Use exhaust clamps to secure this outer sleeve.

Now, using muffler tape, you will want to wrap both ends of the outer sleeve, securing them more fully to the pipe. Keep wrapping between the exhaust clamps and the exhaust pipe. Wrap it tightly, to ensure no further leakage and to prevent noise. This should provide you with a few more years of usability from your exhaust pipe.