There are dozens of light bulbs on your vehicle, illuminating everything to the road in front to the license plate in the rear. For all of the modern technologies given us, most automotive bulbs are essentially the same as on out grandfather’s car. So, its no wonder why burnt out auto light bulbs is the number one cause of lighting failure.

Replacing a dead bulb on your car can be as easy as replacing a light bulb in your home. You can have a Utah auto repair shop do this or you can do it yourself. It’s a safety hazard that can get you a ticket if you aren’t driving with all of your lights working.

First you need to determine how the bulb is accessed; you can do this yourself or call a Utah auto repair shop. On some models the lens, or the red or white plastic part over the light, must be unscrewed from the outside.   On others the bulb is accessible only from inside the trunk.

If there are no screws on the lens, you can assume that the bulb must be replaced from inside. Usually there will be a plastic cover that must be removed in order to access the bulb. There may be tabs; screws or small knobs that hold this plastic cover in place.

Unscrew the lens on the outside, or take off the plastic cover from inside the trunk, to reveal the bulb.  Unscrew the bulb, by pushing in and turning at the same time.  Both of these should come out rather easily.

Take the bulb with you to any Utah auto repair or supply store to help you find an exact duplicate.  They will have make and model numbers on them and are usually easy to match up, especially if you have the burnt out bulb with you.  You might want to pick up an extra just to have on hand in your garage for future use.

Clean the connection with a wire brush and wipe it clean with a rag if there’s any corrosion at all  .  Screw the new bulb into the empty socket. Again, you will have to push in and turn simultaneously.

You will want to line up the tiny raised bumps on the base of the bulb in order to screw it in.  When you are done with the bulb, replace the lens or the plastic cover.    Test your work by stepping on the brakes and turning on the headlights while a friend watches the new bulb to make sure it lights up.