“Be Prepared” isn’t just a motto for Boy Scouts. Being prepared with a few handy tools will make our life easier, no matter where we go. We should adapt our list of favorite supplies to keep in our car depending on how our car is used and who is usually in it.

When I had young babies, having extra diapers & wipes stashed in the car came in very handy on numerous occasions. A first aid kit has also been very valuable over the years, as has a small container of insect repellent for mosquitoes invading the soccer field. A pencil, notepad and scissors, along with a few rubber bands are also helpful supplies to have along when we’re away from home.

Having some water bottles and granola bars or other snacks can help out in emergency hunger or thirst situations. Besides just drinking, extra water is also helpful for cleaning and using in your radiator if needed. Since most cars don’t come with a sink, hand sanitizer can kill any germs we may pick up along the way.

As far as tools go, a multi-head screwdriver is top on my list. If you tighten loose screws when you first notice them, your car will stay put together a lot longer. An adjustable wrench is also tops on the list – if it isn’t a loose screw, it is probably a loose nut causing the problem.

Pliers are another versatile and useful tool. They are great for lots of jobs, as is a hammer. Another option is to take along a Leatherman all-in-one multi-use tool; this should be able to handle almost any job. A small roll of paper towels or moist wipes has may uses as well.

No car should be without Duct Tape, one of the greatest inventions of all time. A pair of work gloves in your car comes in handy when you have to change a flat tire. Don’t forget to always have a flashlight that works (and fresh batteries). A flare or two can come in handy when there is a nighttime emergency, and a small fire extinguisher can’t be beat if there’s a fire.

Keeping a multi-use charger in your car can allow you to charge your cell phone, iPod, or any other electronic device you carry with you. Of course you should also have a hand’s free way of talking on your cell phone as well. Sunglasses are also a must in my car.

This list can be expanded according to your circumstances. Remember that Utah Auto Repair is there for your needs. Utah Auto Repair specialists want your next trip to be as safe as possible. Visit Utah Auto Repair today for a safer ride tomorrow.