With gas prices continually on the rise, fuel efficiency has become an increasing concern for nearly all drivers. While the obvious benefits seem to be mostly monetary, there are also many other bonuses to making better use of your fuel. Did you know that increasing fuel efficiency is good for the environment and can contribute to the overall performance of your vehicle? Its true. Many newer vehicles now come with gauges and monitoring systems to help drivers use their fuel more wisely. Though, whether or not your car comes equipped with this new technology, there are many cheap and simple things that all car owners can do to increase their fuel efficiency. Some things are as simple as planning out travel times, others require a little more attention to detail, but overall all of the ideas are easy, cheap, and in some cases even free.

A few simple ideas that can increase fuel efficiency include practice like reducing the weight of your vehicle by making sure that you’re not transporting around heavy items unnecessarily. Or, increasing the aerodynamics of your vehicle by removing things like ski racks during the summer. Another good idea is to try and plan your day around optimum travel times when roads aren’t stuck in a jam. Perhaps these ideas sound obvious, but sometimes common sense isn’t as common as its supposed to be. The next time you’re driving around out of ski season, count how many cars still have ski racks!


Also, its easy to get distracted with daily activities and I’m sure we’ve all ended up using our car trunk for an extra storage space at one time or another. Hopefully, now that we’re conscious of these things and their effect on vehicle performance, we might think twice about them the next time the situation arises.


While these simple ideas are great when your schedule permits, sometimes life doesn’t allow us the time to put them all into practice. That is why one of the best practices to ensure increased fuel efficiency is regular vehicle maintenance. Something as simple as a dirty air filter or improperly inflated tires can have dramatic effects on your vehicle’s fuel performance. That is why it is important for mechanical professionals to regularly inspect, test, and tune your vehicle; making sure that the complex systems of your engine are all working in tandem.


The professionals at Master Muffler know how to keep your vehicle running in peak condition, which means keeping your vehicle’s fuel efficiency at peak. Please, contact your nearest Master Muffler to find out more ways to increase your fuel efficiency. We’d love to give you tips and pointers that we know will help you out because we know cars!