Utah Emissions Inspections

All vehicles registered in Davis County, Utah with model years six years old and greater that have even-numbered model years, must have an emission test in even number years, and vehicles with odd-numbered model years must have an emission test in odd-numbered years. Vehicles with model years 1968 or older do not require an emission test.

In general, Utah State Law requires Emissions tests every 2 years for vehicles less than 6 years old.

2021 Emission Inspection Requirements

tailpipes on a carVehicle Model Year Emission Inspection
2021 Not required
2020 Not required
2019 Required
2018 Not required
2017 Required
2016 Not required
2015 to 1968 Required
1968 and older Not required


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Signs To Watch For

If your check engine light is on, your car will not pass inspection. Before doing any testing, any issues involving the check engine light must be addressed. If your check engine light is on, our full-service shop can quickly diagnose the problem and repair it for you, before performing the state inspection.

The Master Muffler Bountiful

Here At Master Muffler Bountiful, we’ll make sure that your emissions are done correctly. If there are any issues with your vehicle we can work them for you or refer you to someone who can. We’ll also be able to let you know if there are any issues that you should be aware of in the near future. Come see what makes us different.

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