Are you one of the millions hooked on Pokemon Go? The game is a sensation, with more users than Tinder and more daily interaction than Facebook. Within a week of its release, it was projected to gain more users than Twitter.

As with any booming new trend, lots of hype is cropping up about bizarre incidents caused by the game, and dangers that we should all be wary of. Rumors of scams, security breaches, conspiracy, and catfishing are all flying, and most of it is totally false.

However, there’s one danger that we should all be wary of: playing the game while driving can cause huge dangers for you and everyone else on the road.

For Those Unfamiliar with the Game…

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game available on smartphones that allows people to live out the popular childhood game in real life. Virtual Pokemon appear in real places that you can go to, and you collect the creatures with Pokeballs as you wander. Unlike most digital games, this one encourages people to get up and walk around and explore new areas. The more that you wander, the more Pokemon you can gather.

Of course, it didn’t take people long to figure out that you can get more Pokemon by driving rather than walking.

Is There Any Advantage to Driving & Playing?

Since your phone’s GPS has to keep up with your movement, many people are having difficulty playing while moving at high speeds. However, there are plenty of reports that many rare and valuable Pokemon are to be found on major streets and highways, making the option of driving and playing simultaneously very tempting for some users.

There have already been reports of numerous accidents and traffic incidents caused by Pokemon Go, which forces us to state the amazingly obvious: Please please do not play and drive!

Never Drive Distracted

Various public service outlets are already starting to raise warning flags. For example, in England, where the game just launched, the police force is sending out charming and savvy warnings. The game itself warns users to be aware of their surroundings. But it’s up to us to be responsible drivers in the light of new temptations.

The story is always the same: distracted driving is unsafe. It’s often more risky even than drunk driving, and while you may think that you’re still being safe and aware of your surroundings, driving is a job that requires your full attention at all times.

Be safe out there!