Distracted Driving is a ticket-worthy offense. The fines and, much worse, the potential consequences are very serious. But, ironically, it is one of the fastest growing problems in the United States. Technology is ever-increasing and, along with that, multitasking on the road. Cell phones, GPS navigation systems, drinking, eating, PDA’s, and other distractions can all lead to accidents.

Driver’s education courses can require only as little as 10 hours or less of actual driving. Even worse, some states offer online driver’s education courses. It may be hard for young people to take driving seriously, when the education is so brief, cursory, and impersonal.

People hit the road as young as 14 years old supervised and 16 unsupervised with cell phones attached to their ears, friends in the car, and the maturity level to match their young age. Is it any wonder accidents are caused all over the United States by distracted driving?

Older drivers are also more frequently causing accidents with distracted driving. The demands of a busy schedule lead many people to do their talking, or even texting, while they drive. The day of writing this article, the author saw a driver reading a page and texting while driving on the freeway!

Perhaps the biggest problem is that we drive every day. We take it for granted and it becomes something monotonous. So, we figure we can carry on an in-depth conversation, eat a salad, or write a text while we drive. What’s scary is that regardless of how safe we feel, it could all end in a moment because of distracted driving.