If your car doesn’t start it can be caused by a variety of reasons. Some times it can be a problem with the battery, and other times the engine. Here are some scenarios and general advice as to what the problem could be.

Sometimes the car is silent when you try to turn the car on. Sometimes there is no sound that comes even when you turn the key. The first thing to check is the battery cable as it could be corroded.

Sometimes you will hear the engine crank but the car won’t start. This could be a problem with the fuel supply. It could also be an issue with the electrical spark. Your Utah auto repair shop will be able to spot the problem rather quickly.

Sometimes your car will make a clicking noise, but the engine won’t actually start. This is a good indicator that the battery is dead. If you use jumper cables and the car still won’t start it could be a problem with wiring or a bad connection that is loose.

Sometimes cars don’t start on rainy days. This can be caused because of moisture and dampness. You will need to evaporate any dampness.

Sometimes the car won’t start because it is freezing outside. Sometimes this is just a problem because the temperature has dropped so low.  If it continues to be a problem Utah auto repair professionals can run a cold-start diagnostic to see what the problem is.

It can be frustrating to have to deal with a car that refuses to start. Sometimes it is a matter of having forgotten to turn your lights off. Sometimes, however, there is a deeper problem than having a dead battery.