Cold freezing temperatures bring more than just snow. If you live where snow and ice are common, you also live where salt trucks lay down a layer of salt on the roads. This salt gets thrown up on your car as you drive, coating your car with loads of salt.

Of course you know that what your car needs is a good washing, but it’s so cold, how are you going to do it? One option is to go to a car wash. A less expensive alternative is to wash it yourself.

Wait for a warm day when the temperatures are at least 35°. You will need a bottle of inexpensive baby shampoo – just the plain stuff without conditioners. You will also need two buckets of warm water (not hot water, or you can crack your paint) and a washing mitt.

Of course, you will also need to dress the part. Bundle up if it’s cold, and be aware that you may get wet, so wear boots. You may also get kind of dirty, so wear grungy  clothes you don’t care about. Whatever your weather, prepare head to toe.

Now that you are ready, assemble your supplies and line them up near your car. Fill one bucket 3/4 full with warm water and add two small squirts of baby shampoo. Swirl it around to mix it up. Fill the other bucket with plain warm water.

Start by dusting off any snow on your car. Now, quickly brush the warm washing mitt full of baby shampoo water all over your car using very little pressure; just swipe and dip. Use the mitt all over your car so you can see what your car really looks like again.

Once you’ve finished with the mitt, stand back from the car and toss the rest of your soapy water onto the roof of your car, and anywhere else you can. Once that’s done, take your second bucket of water and toss it around on your car to rinse it, again starting with the roof. This is the part where you can really get wet, so be careful. When you’re done, put away your tools and go warm up inside.

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