Brake lines generally last longer than the life of the vehicle.  But a small leak in the brake system can cause your brakes to fail.  If you find a leak, take it in to your favorite Utah brake repair shop as soon as you can.

Every six months spend some quality time looking at the various systems of your vehicle.  As part of your inspection check the brake lines.  By doing so you will be able to spot a potential leak early and have it repaired by a Utah brake repair company before it becomes an issue.

It may also be a good idea to do a quick 3 minute check every week.  Open up the hood and check all fluids to make certain they are at their proper levels.  The transmission fluid can be a little tricky to check, but all other fluids you should be able to quickly check.

One of the most important fluids to check is the brake fluid.  The brake fluid level will drop as the brake pads and shoes wear.  Do not let the level drop below the low level line.

If you find yourself adding brake fluid to the brake fluid reservoir more than once within a short amount of time then you most likely have a leak in the brake system.  The most likely place of a leak is at the wheels.  Old and worn out rubber seals can crack causing leakage.

For the semi-annual checkup have a systematic way of checking all the components of your vehicle.  You can inspect by area or by systems.  Take your time to thoroughly look at everything.

The easiest way to inspect your vehicle is to first take a look at everything that you can see with the vehicle on the ground.  With the engine running look for vibrations, sounds, and smells that may be indication of a problem.  Keep your hands away from moving parts.

Secure the vehicle in the air in a manner that will allow you to move around underneath.  Follow each line and gently tug on them to detect any worn mounts.  Look for signs of rust or wear, especially near turns, connections, and mounts.  By spotting these problems early on you can have your local Utah brake repair shop replace worn parts and avoid the surprises of an unexpected repair.