Unless you like the idea of getting a ticket for driving with a broken headlamp, you want to make sure you change your headlight bulbs as soon as they burn out. Even if you aren’t worried about getting a ticket, you will have people flashing their brights at you and could even get in an accident, if its dark enough.

If you’re putting it off because you think it may be too difficult or expensive, don’t worry. It is a relatively cheap and easy procedure, even without any mechanical experience.

Start at a Utah auto parts store. Look up the headlight for your car and buy that one. You can ask for help, if you are not sure about your choice.

Turn off your headlights. If the headlight is sealed, you will simply need to use a screwdriver to remove the metal molding that holds the headlight cover in place.

Look for the metal retaining ring and take the screws out to remove that as well. As you take all these small parts out, be sure to store them somewhere that the screws won’t roll away.

Now you can take out the headlight. Behind the headlight is an electrical connector that you will need to disconnect from the bulb to remove it. Then unscrew the bulb. Plug the same connector into the back of the new headlight and screw the new bulb in.

Reattach the retaining ring and metal molding, making sure the screws are secure. Once that is done, just turn on your headlights to give it a test run. If it lights up, your job is done!