Having working headlights on car is very important.  It will help the driver see what is coming more easily.  It can also show other people driving that there is another car coming.

When headlight bulbs go out, it is important to replace them as soon as possible.  The first step in replacing the bulbs is finding and purchasing the correct light bulbs for the car.  Each car will vary a little, but changing a headlight bulb is fairly straightforward.

Individuals living or passing through Utah can find headlight bulbs at most any Utah auto repair store.  The store should have a book that individuals can use to find the specific headlight bulb meant for their car.  They can also find it in their owner’s manual that is generally found in the car.

After purchasing the headlight bulb at a Utah auto repair store, individuals can begin to replace the bulb.  They will need to open the hood of their car.  Being able to see the bulb is important, so there should be a flash light or a source of light pointed on the inside of the engine.

The headlight will be found in the far corner of the front of the car.  Generally individuals will need to unscrew a cover to reach the light bulb.  Individuals need to locate this backing, unscrew it, and remove it.

After the backing there will be some wiring that will be connected in place by plastic clips.  Individuals can remove the plastic clips and push the wiring unit to the side.  The light bulb should be accessible after this last step.

Individuals can unscrew the old burnt out light bulb by screwing it to the left.  Like wise the new light bulb needs to be secured in by screwing it to the right until it is tight.  It is important to make sure the light bulb works before reattaching the wiring and backing.

Once the light has been tested and is working, individuals can reattach all of the necessary parts.  This means putting the wiring back into place by securing the plastic clips and screwing in the backing.  Individuals can always go back to the Utah auto repair store if the bulb does not work or if they have broken any parts.