Depending on the type of light that has burned out in your vehicle, it could be a simple change for you. If several lights have gone out at the same time, however, you may have a fuse problem, requiring professional maintenance. If the burned out light is in your dashboard that is also a cause for going to a Utah auto shop, because accessing the lights inside the dashboard is much more complex than changing out other lights.

Start by turning off the power to the light. This is of course important if you do not want a shock. Then, examine the assembly of the light cover or lens.

Some light covers have Phillips head screws that you can easily unscrew. Others have a small flat slot requiring a flathead screwdriver to pry it off. When neither is the case, you will probably just need to use a butter knife or putty knife to gently work off the light cover.

Now that you have removed the light cover, identify the bulb that has burned out. It will likely have a grayish hue. Some bulbs have pins, others have clips, and still others have threads like household bulbs requiring a turn to release them.

While you’ve got the housing open, clean all of it with window cleaner and a rag, again making sure that the power to that light housing is off. Clean the light cover to maximize how much light can pass through it. Now replace the bulb, making sure that you have matched the bulb at the auto parts store. Don’t touch the new bulb with your bare hands, as the oils can burn and leave shadows on the glass, diminishing brightness. You may be able to upgrade to a brighter LED bulb. Check that the light works before you put the lens back on. Then replace the light cover, double check that the light works, and you’re done.