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A Brief History of NASCAR

Racecars were first built to aid liquor bootlegging during prohibition. Bootleggers had the ingenious idea of building cars specifically designed for speed and handling so they could evade the police more easily. These specially-made cars were also equipped with more cargo capacity so they could carry more stock of illegal liquor, which is where the name stock car comes from. Once the repeal of prohibition came about, the need for such cars died out, [...]

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Costly Cars: The Most Expensive Cars in the World

Few things grant a person more freedom than the ability to hop in a car and drive wherever the roads may take you. It’s a rite of passage for the American teenager, and something often taken for granted. But freedom comes with a price, and in some cases a much MUCH higher price than others! Here are some of the most expensive cars ever sold. Hennessey Venom GT: $1.1M The Hennessey Venom is very [...]

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The Fastest Car(s) in the World

For almost as long as there has been cars, there have been car races. The first officially recorded race was in 1895, 9 years after the first gasoline powered car was built, but common lore states that the first race was held the first time two automobiles were in the same place, and knowing human nature, that is probably closer to the truth. Racing is a huge passion for millions of people. But even [...]

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American History and the Pickup Truck

The pickup truck has been an American icon for decades, a symbol of hard work and high style. Since the first one was manufactured by Dodge in 1918, pickup trucks have changed and developed to suit the needs of the Americans who love them. The history of the pickup truck is essentially the history of America for the last century, and the two go hand in hand. War and Peace The first pickup truck [...]

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