Let’s face it, owning a car is expensive.  Not only do you have to pay for fuel, insurance, and registration but for repairs also, such as when you go down to your favorite Utah brake repair garage.  And these repairs can be pricey.

People are keeping their vehicles longer because they are more reliable and last longer.  In 1969 the average age for a car was 5.1 years. But, jump forward to 1990 and it was 6.5 years, and by 2007 it grew to 9.4 years.

Although the cost of maintenance has gone up since the 1960s (accounting for inflation) the annual amount spent is less.  This is due to the reliability of new vehicles.  For instance new vehicles can go 150,000 miles before a tune-up where older vehicles needed one every 30,000 miles.

Accounting for inflation, in 1960 the average cost to repair a mid-size car was $8,053.  In 1970 it dropped to $7,770.  By 1990 it was down to $6,880.

Car manufacturers and experts stress that the best way to keep your vehicle running for a long time is to perform routine maintenance.  By keeping your car operating efficiently it will last longer.  Paying $150 in maintenance a year can save you the $3-5 thousand for a new (used) engine.

To help you not be overwhelmed when a repair does come up, save $50 every month for repairs and maintenance.  Even a simple trip to your Utah brake repair shop will average $350.  There are some items you can anticipate such as replacing tires (avg. $400), but it’s always a good idea to have some cash when the unexpected happens.

If you need to fix your air conditioning system expect to spend $700. To repair your engine cooling system will cost you about$ 465. For a new transmission you’re looking at $3000.

Inspect your vehicle regularly; don’t just let your Utah brake repair shop do it for you.  Pay attention to anything out of the ordinary, such as vibrations, sounds, or smells. Catching something early can help you to save a lot of money later on.