The old way of fixing cars in auto shops involved mechanics sorting through dozens of repair manuals hundreds of pages thick. Outdated manuals offer little help for newer models. As bad as this sounds, there are many auto shops that still work like this, in spite of a newer, better way.

Today, Utah auto repair shops can use modern software for the computer or even the iPad. Utah is one of the leading states purchasing these new software programs. Some of these software programs provide the latest manuals for the most recent car models.

Other software programs show colorful, realistic images and diagrams of mechanical work being performed on specific makes and models. This way, a mechanic could literally take a look at his iPad and get the help he needs on a difficult repair.

Taking advantage of this technology, while it may be an extra expense, helps Utah auto repair shops to be more efficient. Some of these software programs can even help a mechanic estimate labor times and produce a price quote.

Customers of shops that utilize the latest in auto repair software can enjoy the confidence of knowing their shop is keeping up with the best technology in their field. Newer cars are in better hands with updated information.