Anyone who drives a car or truck has probably received a mountain of advice of the years of how best to treat your vehicle, including recommended care and maintenance. Some of that advice is probably true. Some of it WAS true before many now standard modern technologies. And some are simply myths that get transferred as fact. While these myths are often harmless, they can end up costing you unnecessary time and money. Here are some of the most popular myths and the truth behind them.

You should change your oil every 3000 miles
The most important piece of advice regarding your oil changes is to check your owner’s manual. Most cars are actually designed to run for 7,500 miles between oil changes, and some can even go up to 10,000. The 3,000 mile mark is actually for vehicles that are used under extreme and severe driving conditions, such as frequent trailer-towing, mountainous terrain, consistent stop-and-go, and dusty conditions.

It only takes a few minutes to recharge your battery after you jump start it
In reality, it can take hours for your battery to fully recharge after a jump start. This is particularly true during the winter when cold temperatures have you running more of your power accessories. When in doubt, ask your local auto mechanic for a load test to see how much charge your battery can hold.

You should let your car warm up before you start driving
Modern engines actually warm up faster as they are being driven. Letting your car idle for several minutes before driving not only adds unnecessary air pollution, but also is less efficient for your car because the engine does not fully burn the fuel when it is idling.

You must go to your car dealership for service in order to keep your factory warranty valid
The most important part of the factory warranty is having the maintenance listed in your owner’s manual done at the specified intervals. As long as you follow the schedule, and keep accurate records and receipts, you can have your work done at any auto repair shop and the factory warranty will still be valid.