A spark plug has three purposes. First it is to seal the combustion chamber; next, to conduct a spark generated in the ignition coil into the combustion chamber, providing a gap for that spark to jump across. It then conducts the heat from the combustion process to the cylinder head and cooling system.

When a spark fills all three of these functions, then it can initiate the combustion process. A lot of technology goes into creating spark plugs that will meet these requirements and provide long life and superior engine performance. We will discuss some of the components involved in making a spark plug.

A spark plug has three major components: the shell, the insulator, and the electrodes. The shell seals the combustion chamber and is also threaded so that the spark plug can be installed and removed. The insulator insulates the secondary ignition voltage from grounding so that the spark will only cross the combustion chamber, it also moves the heat generated in the combustion process into the cooling system.

The electrodes are designed to conduct the spark from the spark plug wire into the combustion chamber. They also provide a gap. To provide optimum life, the best materials should be used when manufacturing spark plugs.

In order to eliminate radio frequency interference, spark plugs also have a resistor. Each time the spark jumps across the gap, it creates an electromagnetic field that can interfere with radio signals and affect any on-board computer systems. It is important for today’s computerized cars to use spark plugs with resistors.

Spark plugs are made out of ceramics, steels and nickel alloys. None of these materials produce heat, but they allow the spark plug to move heat away from its core into the cooling system. It is important to select a spark plug that doesn’t get too cold or too hot for maximum performance.

There are different kinds of spark plugs, designed to meet the needs of different engines. For the optimum performance of your vehicle, it’s important to use the right spark plug. Utah Auto Repair specialists can help you make the right selection.

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