Your vehicle’s ignition system uses electricity, heat, and pressure to start the combustion reaction that will propel your car forward. One of the key elements in making sure that everything runs correctly is your spark plug. This little piece of equipment is responsible for sealing your combustion chamber and conducting a spark of electricity from your ignition to your combustion chamber. The electricity in this spark can range from 40,000 to 100,000 volts and is what initiates the combustion process in your car.

In order for a spark plug to do its job effectively, it must be properly insulated and be able to withstand extreme heat and pressure. It must also be designed in a way to withstand any build up that might interfere with its performance.

Due to these requirements, the spark plug is made up of three major components: the shell, the insulator, and the electrodes. The shell is the outer portion of the spark plug. Its function is to seal the combustion chamber. It also is what allows you to easily remove a spark plug from you car.

The function of the insulator is to make sure that the spark makes the jump from the ignition to the combustion chamber. In effect it creates an isolated location for the high voltage. The electrodes provide the gap and then make sure the spark actually makes the jump.

Depending on your type of car, you will need either a hot or a cold spark plug. The hot plug has a ceramic insert that helps reduce the heat transfer. This makes the process run hotter, which allows your car to burn more deposits. A cold spark plug is designed to run cooler by having a larger contact area. Picking the right type of plug is important in making sure the spark plug runs at the correct temperature, avoiding the possibility of igniting your fuel. Your Utah auto repair shop will be able to determine which spark plug is right for your car.