If you live in Utah and love winter sports, you should check out some of the best snowmobiling locations in the state. The best spots have favorable snow conditions, easy access, and nearby food and lodging. Check out this compilation of 11 snowmobiling locales that have all that and more.

1. Mirror Lake

Go here for an easy, 35-mile trail that leads up to the peak of Bald Mountain. There are opportunities for off-roading, but they should be reserved only for more advanced snowmobilers, as many of these areas go over frozen lakes, which may present a hazard during various times of the year.

2. Strawberry

Several trails, including Daniel’s Loop, Starvation Creek, Strawberry River, and Strawberry Trail make up the Strawberry snowmobiling complex. It has easy access, great parking, and offers easy and advanced trails.

3. Mill Hollow

This complex located near Heber City interconnects with both the Strawberry and Mirror Lake complexes and provides a great experience for riders of all levels.

4. Thousand Peaks

This area is near Park City, so it’s also close to plenty of other recreational activities. Snowmobilers can enjoy 60,000 acres of prime snowmobiling territory.

5. Cedar Mountain

For stunning scenery and well-marked trails, visit the Cedar Breaks, Duck Creek, and Brian Hills trail, just east of Cedar City.

6. Skyline

If you find yourself about two hours south of Salt Lake City, check out the Skyline trail head. It’s great for family riding and stretches across the Wasatch Plateau.

7. Fishlake Complex

If you can handle the more difficult beginning part of this trailhead, you will soon be rewarded with vast, wide-open play areas. The trail is 33 miles in length and weaves through the canyons. This trail is recommended for more advanced riders.

8. Beaver Creek Lodge

Located in the Logan area, visitors of the Beaver Creek Lodge can enjoy hundreds of miles of both trail and off-trail riding, and it fits with riders of all experience levels.

9. Nobletts

Head just east of Woodland to enjoy some of the most popular trails in Utah. There is great parking and plenty of trailheads for all riders.

10. Logan Canyon

This particular area is perfect for families. Not only are there plenty of great trails for riders to enjoy, but there is also an area designated for snow tubing. While some members of the family head out on the snowmobiles, others can enjoy tubing down the hill.

11. Monte Cristo

A few miles east of Huntsville, avid snowmobilers can enjoy one of the most popular loop rides in Utah. It’s 63 miles total and takes you through a beautiful scenic area, including views of Curtis Creek, Hardware Ranch, and Ant Flats.

Hit the slopes in Utah for some of the best snowmobiling adventures around, but play it safe and make sure your snowmobile is up for the trip.